963 Spervisor

963 Supervisor Software is a graphical, real-time user interface for the building control system. From a graphical display, users can monitor equipment or building services and change the way the building is controlled. The security system ensures that users are only presented with information and functions that are relevant to their authority or task. 963 learns the structure of the system, and its Device View can provide system information without the need for engineering. The 963 Server also acts as a Web server allowing access to the graphical displays from a Web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Complete control and monitoring of building energy management system from colorful and graphical displays.
Compatibility with TOPS BACnet driver for Internet and local area network (LAN) capabilities with BACnet/IP.
Comprehensive alarm handling with alarm retransmission and logging.
Scheduled recording of logged data from IQ controllers.
Recording of schematic pages.
Management of multiple controller occupation times.
Printable templates.
Display of HTML pages from a corporate intranet or the Internet.
Display of live, logged, or recorded data in multitrace graphs using either compact or precision logs.
Simple engineering path using drag and drop operation.
Self-learning of all local networks.
Simple connection to remote sites over TCP/IP or autodialed links.
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