Actuador de Acople Directo ML6161 – Honeywell

The 35 and 70 lb-in. (4 Nm and 8 Nm) Non-Spring Return Direct Coupled Actuators (DCA) are control actuators that provide floating or roportioning control for valves and dampers. The proportioning actuators accept a current or voltage signal from a controller to position the damper or valve at any chosen point between fully open and fully closed. .
• Selectable 45°, 60°, or 90° stroke in both clockwise (cw) or counterclockwise (ccw) directions.
• 0° to 30° minimum position adjustment (cw or ccw direction) on all models.
• Magnetic coupling eliminates the need for mechanical stops.
• Two field-addable auxiliary switches.
• Auxiliary feedback potentiometer field-addable on select models.
• Manual declutch on all models.
• ML7161 and ML7174 models include standard reverse/direct acting rotation switch on outside cover.
• W7620 Terminal Unit Controller compatibility.
• Commercial zone damper in W7600 Commercial Zone System compatibility.
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