Controlador Stand Alone T775 – Honeywell

T775 electronic remote temperature controller, is the next generation in commercial/agricultural control – capable of remote sensing temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., and providing switched and/or proportional outputs to various types of loads.
• Universal model (T775U) can control pressure, humidity, or any variable analog input.
• Special boiler model (T775P) for boiler control.
• Special Staged Sequencing Model (T775L) for sequence staging of relays with one or two setpoints.
• Special Expansion Model (T775S) for staging up to 12 relays with two setpoints (each T775S provides 4 relays).
• Save time on installations with the easy-to-use graphical Interface, large display, and the intuitive programming.
• Use the time clock scheduler or digital input to control the setback and disable output options to help save energy.
• Provide very fast or very fast response times on modulating outputs by adjusting the integral and derivative times (PI or PID).
• Configure models with reset in a few easy steps.
• Eliminate the need for a separate time delay device and protect equipment with the minimum off time option.
• Use the T775L and T775P to stage up to 12 relays (with optional T775S) from two independent heat or cool setpoints.
• Support for digital output alarm on the T775P configurable based on minimum, maximum, or differential temperature.
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