Termostato TR-71 – Honeywell

The TR70 and TR71 Zio sensors are 2-wire, non-polarity sensitive, Sylk™ bus communicating wall modules for use with Spyder™ programmable controllers which are compatible with the Sylk bus. All models have a space-temperature sensor, network bus jack, and an LCD with three soft keys and two Up/Down adjustment keys.

• Ability to control user access to controller parameters.
• Parameter access can be customized by using the Tridium Niagara Workbench tool.
• Programmable for: Home screen options, tenant access, contractor access, access to controller parameters, setpoint, override, fan, and other parameters.
• Supplied with eight pre-programmed configurations (e.g. VAV with balancing) in the wall module configuration tool.
• Ability to access and adjust most parameters in the programmable controller (except Scheduling).
• Ability to balance the VAV system from the wall module.
• Home screen can display one to three of any of the following parameters: Temperature Setpoint, Room
• Temperature, Room Humidity, Outdoor Humidity, Outdoor Temperature, and Time, or one of virtually any parameter in the controller.
• Network bus jack.
• Simple 2-wire terminal connection to the programmable controller and an optional 2-wire terminal connection for the network. All connections are polarity insensitive.
• Retention of user configuration, including setpoints after a power outage.