The Trend TouchView is a BACnet®-based communicating, intelligent sensor-controller with built-in temperature and humidity sensors used to control a variety of applications. The TouchView includes 19 pre-loaded applications for specifi c and common projects including fan-coil, heat pump and air conditioning, and enables the TouchView to have fast confi guration and installation. The TouchView-W includes an optional integrated wireless reciever that allows up to three wireless PIR occupancy sensors and eight window/door sensors per TouchView-W devices.

19 pre-loaded applications for a quick, out-of-the-box solution.
Optional integrated wireless receiver that can communicate with three PIR and eight window/door sensors.
Internal temperature and humidity sensors, 3 universal inputs, 6 binary outputs, 2 analog outputs, factory-loaded applications.
BACnet-compliant on MS/TP LAN at up to 76.8 Kbps.
Modes of operation allow control based on occupancy or schedules.
Sleek sophisticated design with touch screen display.
Easily view and set a high and low setpoint to create a temperature range for optimum building efficiency and tenant comfort.
The TouchView and TouchView-W have both been BTL tested and approved.
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