Transductor de Presión Diferencial en Cuarto

The digital PX Series differential pressure transducers utilize highly accurate, microprocessor profiled sensors. Designed to monitor duct and room pressure in commercial buildings, the PX Series offers exceptional job-site flexibility, with four field-selectable range options. The directional mode jumper is used to configure the transducer in unidirectional or bidirectional mode for room and building static pressure applications. All models feature a pushbutton and digital input terminal to zero the output. The microprocessor is programmed to prevent accidental zero adjustment during normal operation. PX Series pressure transducers utilize an advanced ceramic capacitive sensing element that provides a highly stable linear output, reducing offset errors.
APPLICATIONS: Static pressure in duct or room applications. Variable air volume system control. Filter status monitoring.
Media Compatibility Dry air or inert gas
Input Power 12-30VDC, or 24VAC nominal
Output Field-selectable: 2-wire, loop-powered 4-20mA (DC only, clipped and capped) or 3-wire 0-5V/0-10V
Mode Unidirectional or bidirectional, switch selectable
Display (option) Signed 3-1/2 digit LCD, indicates pressure, overrange indicator
Proof Pressure 3 psid (20.6kPa)
Burst Pressure 5 psid (34.5kPa)
Accuracy ±1% F.S. of selected range (combined linearity and hysteresis)
Fittings Brass barb; 0.24” (6.1mm) o.d.
Physical UL 94 V-O Fire Retardant ABS
More details see datasheet
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