Válvula Fan & Coil VU53S – Honeywell

Two-way, high pressure,Fan Coil zone valves (VU52 and VU523), are used to control flow of hot/chilled water in commercial HVAC equipment such as fan coil units, terminal reheat coils and convectors. IMPORTANT: Not for use in systems containing dissolved oxygen.
• Compact construction for easy installation.
• Fits under the cover of most baseboard convectors with actuator fitted to valve body.
• VU52 and VU53 provide 2-way, straight-through control of water.
• Available in normally closed (VU53) or normally open (VU52) configurations.
• 300 psi (2,000 kPa, PN20) operating pressure rating.
• Patented ball seal provides long service life, soft close off.
• Triple O-ring seal provides three lines of defense against corrosion and water leakage around drive shaft.
• Quick opening flow curve.
• Available with NPT end connections for iron or steel piping.
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